M/Y Sea Pearl

Sea Pearl underwent a full refit and repaint at Bangkok Dry-Dock, which was completed in 2015. It was quite a challenging painting project for Scott Taylor and his company. Captain Roy Cooper was very impressed with the finished results and was quoted by the Superyacht Times as saying “Temperature, humidity and the atmosphere were as always the main challenges we faced. I’m talking about atmospheric pollution - just try it when you’re working with chemical paint. In order to achieve the perfect paint finish that is demanded by owners around the world, the working conditions need to be right. Any dust and dirt must be removed, the temperature and particularly the humidity must be controlled and monitored to workable levels. But you can see the final result here, and it really speaks for itself.”

Independent Paint inspectors CCS who were employed by Captain Roy Cooper to advise on the complete project initially viewed the working and climatic conditions in Thailand as a potential threat to the high-quality level required. Scott explained, “They were really worried about us reaching the clients’ expectations with the environment that we’re in, but we’ve proven it can be done and we have achieved what was required. With more than thirty years in superyacht painting behind me, I have always known what the end result must be and the way to get it." CCS quoted in their final paint report that: “Despite these challenges the results achieved in the topcoat are excellent. This is also backed up by the Gloss and DOI values measured and recorded which are at the high end of the scale set by international standards”

(Referenced article from Superyacht Times from 3rd September 2015. For the full story, please visit www.superyachttimes.com » Repainting the 60m MY Sea Pearl in Thailand).

You can read the full CCS Paint Report here.

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