What our clients say about us

With over 35 years of experience refitting and painting yachts worldwide, we have worked on vessels of all types and sizes. At Yacht Refit Asia and Superyacht Painters, we have established a reputation as being probably one of the best in the business, not only in Thailand but across Southeast Asia, the UK and Europe.

“We reached the decision that our yacht needed to undergo a significant paint job, so we approached our yacht management company, Max Marine Asia Co., Ltd, to find the best in the business.

“They immediately recommended and commissioned Yacht Refit Asia Co., Ltd as they have over 25 years’ experience in the industry and were widely regarded as the best in the region. Of course, we were initially cautious, but after they completed the project of painting our Sunseeker 73 black, we are delighted to say that we are in complete agreement! We appreciate that black can be a troublesome colour, but the finishing was superb, and the final appearance was outstanding. They certainly exceeded our expectations, and our yacht has been given a new lease of life and stunning overall look, even to the extent that we have received numerous offers for her!”

“We would be more than happy to recommend Yacht Refit Asia to any owner and would like to thank them once again for the marvellous work they have done.”

Letter of Recommendation
Palit Bhirombhakdi Owner M/Y Sanongnuch, Sunseeker 73

“I am incredibly grateful that I was referred to Yacht Refit Asia after my Tartan 4000 sailing yacht required some repairs. Although it appeared to be only superficial damage to the Majestic Blue hull and Cloud White stripe, it needed addressing to prevent further damage. The work carried out was superb, and they clearly did a lot of research to ensure that they used the correct thinners and paint to match the existing paintwork.

“I was naturally nervous during haul out week, concerned that they may perform a spot repair, but their incredible attention to detail and working practices soon allayed my fears. I was impressed that they touched up previous wheel burns, as well as transom dinghy mark repairs and entirely repainted the boot stripe, which was yellowing. I can now proudly say that S/Y Dream, you are the prettiest girl at the dance!”

“As massive thanks need to go to Yacht Refit Asia.”

Letter of Recommendation
George Foose Owner S/Y Dream, Tartan 4000

“We recently required work to be carried out on our Sunseeker Manhattan 52 and were advised to use Yacht Refit Asia. They returned the hull and swim platform area back to their original colour of black. In addition, they also carried out composite repairs both in and around the stern of the vessel.

“It was the first time that we have used this company, so we were a little apprehensive at first, but we were incredibly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. They comply with western safety standards, having a well-ventilated spraying area to guarantee a clean and safe working environment to carry out the work. Their experience was evident, and we appreciate that black is a difficult colour to work with.

“We will use Yacht Refit Asia – Superyacht Painters in the future and would be happy to provide a reference for other owners requiring paint works.”

Letter of Recommendation
Craig Murphy CEO at Max Marine Asia Co., Ltd
“We fully support Scott and his team in the pursuit of projects in this region and will supply the Technical Advice, supply chain and other support functions as required. We welcome the opportunity to work with Yacht Refit Asia and remain available to discuss this subject further should you or any of your colleagues wish to.”
Letter of Recommendation
Frank Brown National Marine Manager Jotun Australia Pty Ltd
“We have no hesitation by endorsing Scott Taylor and his company as an experienced and professional paint team. They have used Awlgrip professional yacht paint products on several projects that were very well managed, and completed on time with excellent results.”
Letter of Recommendation
Mike Lister Awlgrip Group Operations

“I wish to offer my sincere thanks to Scott Taylor and the rest of his team at Yacht Refit Asia for the exceptional GRP repairs that they completed on our Ferretti Navetta 33.

“The repairs were required urgently, so the team were set a very tight schedule to arrive and procure the necessary materials. However, the team was unphased and met the challenge with the utmost professionalism and, of course, smiles and laughter.

“Class and insurance surveyors inspected the work, who were duly satisfied with the result. All the necessary schedules and work reports were frequently sent to ensure all relevant parties were ‘kept in the loop’ and happy with the work.

“I would highly recommend Yacht Refit Asia and look forward to using them again; I wish it meant that I didn’t need to get repairs done!”

Letter of Recommendation
Captain Lance Dawson M/Y Kerry, Ferretti Navetta 33

“Scott Taylor is very passionate and enthusiastic about his work. His experience over many years dedicated to luxury and superyacht fairing and painting projects meant during my time with him that the standard of his work was consistent and of a high quality. It is rare in the industry to find consistency and it is something you can expect with Scott.”

Letter of Recommendation
Stewart Spears 1st Group CEO at Arcondis

“We all demand that perfect paint job, but unfortunately, wanting and achieving can be very different. We are delighted to say that the work completed by Superyacht Painters on our Sea Pearl was outstanding and up there with the best. I am more than satisfied with the work and can see absolutely no reason why we won’t use Superyacht Painters as our first stop.”

Letter of Recommendation
Captain Roy Cooper Motor Yacht Sea Pearl

Coating Consultants for Superyachts Paint Report - M/Y Sea Pearl

“House keeping and cleanliness is first class and a continuous operation, this enabled surfaces to be inspected and also permitted measurements of Gloss and DOI in the finished topcoat.”

Vertical surfaces: 95% of values to be above 87 GU (Gloss Units).

DOI (Distinction of Image) based on measurements with a Goniophotometer equipment (NOVO-Gloss IQ) the minimum average is 92 for High and low Visibility areas.

“The overall topcoat result on the vessel is of the highest industry standard with full deep wet gloss appearance, minimal orange peel texture, minimal dust contamination, and excellent gloss levels.”

Letter of Recommendation
David Fryer CCS Coating Advisor

“I want to say a big thank you to Superyacht Painters for the superb paint job that they carried out in Bangkok. It was against the odds in hot and wet conditions, but you never let this distract you, and you have transformed our vessel into a truly beautiful yacht.

“The crew were fantastic, always punctual, and seemingly omnipresent, putting in extra effort and carrying out several extras with no fuss; this is something that I will never forget and be grateful for.

“If I required a professional paint team again, I would undoubtedly call on Superyacht Painters – a big thank you once again!”

Letter of Recommendation
Captain Les Dunn Sailing Yacht Merrymaid

“I was in charge of the Sailrocket project sponsored by Vestas Wind Systems A/S to attempt to break the water wind speed record. I employed Scott Taylor and his team to fair and paint under stringent conditions of weight perfection on fairness for aerodynamics and completing the perfect paint job.

“All the materials applied had to be weighed and all that was sanded off to achieve fairness had to be weighed and recorded as well. Scott Taylor and his team completed their task in a speedy and professional manner.

“I would definitely employ them again if the need arises and wish them all the best for the future.”

Letter of Recommendation
Paul Larsen, Pilot and Project Leader Sailrocket.

“I would like to extend a big thank you to Superyacht Painters for the excellent paint job that they conducted on my boat at the Italyard Shipyard as part of a major refit.

“It was undoubtedly a colossal proposition under challenging circumstances, with other major work being carried out at the same time. Superyacht Painters did a magnificent job, including a full paint, hull topsides, underwater system and to the superstructure. Your team are conscientious, diligent, and professional – it was a pleasure to work alongside them.

“I have no doubt that we will work together in the future, and I have already passed on your details to my many captain friends worldwide.

“Thank you for your professionalism and organisational ability.”

Letter of Recommendation
Captain Pascal Goger Sailing Yacht Douce France

“I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank Superyacht Painters for their exemplary service, but perhaps more importantly, their exceptional attitude throughout our project.

“They remained unphased and never wavered from the task of attaining a Superyacht finish, something that they achieved in trying circumstances.

“I would certainly recommend their service to others and would use them again on another project without question.”

Chris Lenz Owner Sailing Yacht Silverlining

“Scott and I worked on a Superyacht project in Thailand where we hired local labour and managed our individual areas of the build (Scott painting and fairing, myself electrical.)

“I was really impressed with the way Scott dealt with the task in hand, his team was by far the biggest of all, yet he managed to keep them under perfect control and the results were nothing short of outstanding.

“I have worked alongside many other companies managing the painting and fairing during other projects, but I must say, from personal experience, Scott stands out above the rest. He took a team of untrained locals, who would typically work on fishing boats and ferry's (usually using a roller!) and turned them into a Superyacht standard painting and fairing team, in a remarkably short period of time!!

“I would have no hesitation in recommending him for further projects I am involved with.”

Letter of Recommendation
Matthew Sheldrake CEO at Drake Marine International.

“Superyacht Painters was employed as a subcontractor for one of our projects. It was approximately an eight-month job on a 40-metre aluminium motor yacht. We never came across any negativity throughout the project and were delighted with how the team conducted themselves and, of course, the finish. The customer was entirely satisfied, and the work was completed to a high superyacht standard.

“We will consider using Superyacht Painters if we have any projects in the future and if we are allowed to do so.”

Letter of Recommendation
Mick Mckie Director Hyundai Yachts

“Scott has many attributes knowledge of the Superyacht coatings industry, conversant utilising the best products on the market, project management skills, and using his gained years of experienced application methods.It is very easy talking and project planning with Scott and he was very flexible in the ever changing program of boat building.

“His work is excellent.

“Scott always has completed projects to a very high standard.”

Year first hired: 1998-2010 (Hired on many occasions)

“Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.”

Letter of Recommendation
Mr Ian Crowden MD at Ocean Yacht Systems

“This is to confirm Mr Scott Taylor has been working as a Coatings Project Manager with us at 'Royal Denship’ in Denmark since October 2008. During this time he and his team have produced high quality super-yacht finishing and coating project management on the RD 8503, RD 1202-01 and a series of 'Royal Tenders'. The work has all been completed on time, in budget and to satisfactory Super-Yacht finish.

“I have worked with Scott on and off since 1991 when he painted the 131' foot 'Mirabella l' at Concorde Yachts Ltd. in Thailand. He also worked with me on a 67 foot sailboat and 50 foot catamaran plug & mould project at 'Discovery Yachts' in UK during 2007 and also produced first rate work. I am very happy to recommend Scott as a Coating Project Manager to any high quality yacht yard.

“Should you require any additional information please contact me. Needless to say we wish Scott the very best with his ongoing career.”

Letter of Recommendation
Andrew John Pitt MRINA Senior Project & Technical Manager Royal Denship

“I am the Senior Production Manager at Royal Denship A/S, which entails all aspects of manufacturing, including vessels’ internal and external areas. I have been working with Scott Taylor and the rest of his accomplished team as an external partner. My role has been on several of the Royal Denship Yachts, making the fairing finish of the hulls and superstructures.

“Scott also undertook consultancy management tasks that included taking complete responsibility for the total paint budget, project planning, customer relations, quality control and the overall planning of the Superyacht painting needs. Scott and the team displayed superb workmanship, a complete understanding of the project, as well as being flexible and appreciating the need for cooperation between internal and external stakeholders.

“Working with Scott is very easy. He is very professional, and his ability to cooperate is second to none, and I would highly recommend him to others. The partnership lasted between 2007 and 2009.”

Letter of Recommendation
Torben Johansen Project Manager Royal Denship

“Scott Taylor and the team at Yacht Refit Asia carried out the hull/topsides and deckhouse paint job on the Mirabella V, a project which was an extensive refurbishment. The team always completed work on time and within budget to the highest superyacht standard.

“Thanks to his extensive experience, Scott appreciates the need to be ‘hands on’ and his management skills ensure that nothing is ever left to chance. Scott’s own skills as an applicator shouldn’t be underestimated, and he is capable of working within a small team or managing an extremely large group meaning that they can undertake work on superyachts of all sizes.”

Letter of Recommendation
Paul Johnson Project Manager (Sub-contractors) Mirabella V Project

“I worked closely with Scott Taylor when I was the project manager responsible for all sub-contractors on the Mirabella V project. The conditions were very challenging as we worked outside in the middle of the UK winter.

“I found Scott to be very professional, and he displayed a high level of skill in the most trying conditions. Throughout the project, he did his utmost to ensure on-time completion of this major refurbished, which required the grounding of the yacht.

“Throughout the project, the scope of work kept increasing. It included such items as ceramic fairing of the keel fin, which was undertaken without question and completed to the highest standards.

“We all noticed the high ratio of on-site supervision, which is frequently rare with subcontractors. We believe that this was a significant contributory factor in ensuring the successful completion of their role in the overall project.

“I would highly recommend Scott Taylor and his team to anyone requiring a paint job.”

Peter A. B. Holloway Marine Design & Consultancy Mirabella V Project

“At Campers & Nicholsons, we have employed the services of Scott Taylor and his team at Yacht Refit Asia for the last four years. We have continually been impressed with their professionalism and positive and proactive attitude, which was always evident.

“We have been impressed by their punctuality, always arriving on the specified dates for specific tasks and ensuring that the work is complete within the given timeframe.

“I would be delighted to recommend Scott and his team to other owners or shipyards. They are professional subcontractors who are easy to deal with and always produce a sterling job.”

Letter of Recommendation
Ian Crowdon MD at Ocean Yacht Systems UK

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all, for all your efforts and hard work during our extensive refit at Saxon Wharf.

“I am fully aware that we had to work to a very tight time schedule, as we normally do, due to our sponsorship and racing commitments, and that there are always unforeseen problems, which try to prevent things going to plan.

“As paint jobs go, it was not easy, as we had sponsor logos to build in to the artwork, which meant exact colour matching and detail had to be met. We are delighted with the way you and the boys tackled the job, with enthusiasm and professionalism, and the end result was a paint job that was almost seamless.

“You will also be very pleased to hear the number of comments we received from both the general public, and other race teams, about how good the boat looked at our latest event. I look forward to working with you all at a later date, and thank you for your continuing support.”

Letter of Recommendation
Mike Golding Yacht Racing ‘ECOVER’ Open 60

“Muliplast Composite Yacht Yard in Vannes France employed Scott Taylor and his fairings team to fair, paint and prep hull plug and deck moulds for one of the vessels in our yard, “Le Défi Areva”, the yacht which would be used for France’s challenge for the America’s Cup.

“We were impressed with the team’s professionalism and skill, whereby they managed to fair the plug with 1mm accuracy of its design and shape. The work needed to be completed in the contracted timeframe, and despite some unforeseen construction delays, which were beyond Scott’s control and responsibility, they managed to achieve this.”

Letter of Recommendation
Ben Wright Project Manager Le Défi Areva