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Product Partners

We only use the best yacht paint and preparation products available in order to meet our exacting standards in a highly competitive market.


Elcometer make everything from paint spray guns and Personal Protection Equipment to high tech measuring devices that can tell you how thick or reflective your yacht finish is. The Climate, Dewpoint & Relative Humidity reading instruments Elcometer produce are ideal for testing the environmental conditions when applying paint and Gelcoat.


Awlgrip are part of the AkzoNoble group of companies and are known for producing some of the world’s best yacht paints offering breathtaking finishes together with superior resistance to the elements and durability. They produce an excellent line of paint products, primers, varnishes, fillers and after-care cleaning products.

Awlgrip paints include Awlcraft 2000, which can be polished, Awlcraft HDT, which is repairable and their top of the range Awlgrip Polyester Urethane topcoat that provides an exceptional finish with long-lasting gloss and colour retention.


International are also a part of the AkzoNoble group of companies and are known around the globe for producing a wide range of world-class boat and yacht paints, fillers, epoxy coatings and varnishes and they also produce one of the most popular antifoul paint systems used worldwide.


Alexseal produce superior marine paint products. Notable Alexseal paint products include X Series Acrylic Topcoat, two-stage Metalic System and Premium Topcoat. Alexseal have many high-quality products available including Protective Primers, Finishing Primers, Fairing Compounds, High Build Surfacers and Interior Topcoats.


Jotun are a world-famous Norwegian paint products manufacturing and distribution company known across the globe for everything from household paints to commercial shipping paints and top quality yacht paints, primers and fillers. Jotun’s MegaGloss HG Topcoat paints are on a par with Awlgrip and Alexseal best products and worthy of consideration for yacht and superyacht painting projects.


We use many 3M products in our day to day yacht painting and repair work. These include Personal Protective Equipment (protective overalls, face masks, goggles), masking tapes and fine line tapes, abrasive sanding discs and plastic protective sheeting. 3M products of a world-class standard and reliability.


Gurit produce advanced composite materials used in the construction of all types of marine vessels including luxurious superyachts and high specification racing yachts where the most up to date lightweight composites are required. The quality of Gurit’s composites are of a very high standard and allow a superior low maintenance finish to be achieved.

If you are planning a new build yacht or structural modifications to an existing composite yacht, Gurit can assist you in choosing the right solution for your project with full engineering support and advice.


Epiphanes clear varnish is well known around the world as a traditional tung oil-based durable high gloss finish. It has a long life with UV absorbers and offers considerable protection for interior and exterior woods above the waterline.

Other products available from Epiphanes include yacht paints, enamels, primers and undercoats, non-skid coatings, teak deck maintenance products, epoxy fillers and finishing fillers and thinners.


Sika are a very well known Swiss company that manufactures products and innovative solutions including high-performance adhesive and sealant products such as Sikaflex.

We often use Sikaflex 290 DC Pro black caulking for our teak decking installations and repairs because it is an excellent product that is durable, resistant to ultraviolet light, saltwater, rain and is sandable. We also use Sikaflex 295 UV exterior sealant which is available in black or white colour and can be used to bond organic glass.


Westsystem are an American family-run specialist company that manufactures high quality, highly durable epoxy resins that have been specifically designed for use in the yacht building and repair industry. Their products are available worldwide.