M/Y Kerry Nevetta 33m – Essential Repair Work

M/Y Kerry Nevetta 33m – Essential Repair Work

The M/Y Kerry Nevetta required emergency repair work to her hull onsite at Hong Kong Dock. Our team were on-site just 48 hours after the quote was approved.

Working together with the vessel’s captain, the Rina Italy Classification Society Standards (China) team and Delta Marine Services Limited Independent Surveyor, our engineers completed an outstanding job in a timely fashion carrying out all of the required repairs.

The magnitude of the work was not evident until the damaged composite layers were removed when it was concluded that extensive composite and Gelcoat repairs were needed, along with a complete renovation of the damaged hull areas and diesel tank. A collision had caused the damage, and once we became aware that additional work was required, we raised the necessary works order, which the client swiftly approved.

Of course, as professional contractors, the work was completed in May 2019 to Rina Italy Classification Society Standards.

We are delighted to say that all parties involved in the project were helpful and extremely professional, and we look forward to working with everyone again in the future.