M/Y Bellissima

The first yacht project Scott Taylor worked on required him to fair and paint the rebuilt and modified superyacht, Bellissima. Work on this project began in Lowestoft in 1986. George Prior Engineering of Great Yarmouth was in charge of the project and Scott Taylor worked as a part of the Paint Systems UK paint team with David Giles, who trained and introduced Scott to the yacht painting industry.

George’s team cut the steel hull and added 3 metres to the length together with a variety of other work. This 1973 superyacht originally started out as a US minesweeper according to a post on https://www.shipsnostalgia.com

Bellissima has been renamed and refitted several times since this re-build project and is currently called Passion with the last refit being completed in 2014.

As this major superyacht project was Scott Taylor’s introduction to the yacht fairing, finishing painting and refit industry, the phrase “in at the deep end” comes to mind. Scott did a great job of rapidly learning the hands-on fairing and painting skills required to succeed.