S/Y Douce France

When Douce France was launched in 1998 she was the biggest sailing catamaran ever built. Her exterior and interior were designed by VPLP design (Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost) and she was built by Alumarine in Brittany, France. Douce France has a panoramic windowed interior lounge and an impressive teak aft deck, upper-level cockpit area and interior cabins in the aluminium twin hulls.

In 1999, Douce France won the Showboats Design Award for the most innovative sailing yacht.

In 2013 Scott Taylor and his Superyacht Painters fully repainted Douce France after carrying out fairing repairs in a shrinkwrapped polythene environmentally controlled tent construction. The specialised plastic tenting wrap material covered the scaffolding and framework around the yacht and took a week to build. It was shrunk to fit when heated with no gaps or exposure points to the outside world apart from a managed entry point. This created the perfect space in which to paint Douce France in an environment that was temperature and humidity controlled and was also sealed from the weather.

The fairing repairs and painting works included renewing the anti-foul system and were carried out at the Italthai Marine shipyard in Bangkok.

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